Veterans Health
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Serving Those Who Served

You’ve taken care of those at home and overseas. Now, it’s our turn to take care of you. Connecticut offers a wide range of health care options and services for healthy living for veterans and their families.

Health at Home

The needs of veterans and their family members are unique and varied. Maybe you’ve returned from combat and are ready to reenter your community. Or, you're retired and looking for help navigating care. Whatever branch of service you are (or were) in, you have at least one thing in common with other service men and women: the state of Connecticut cares about your well-being.

Insurance and Benefits
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Guide to Benefits
Connecticut veterans are eligible for a variety of benefits offered by state agencies and other groups.
  • VA Health Care 
    Medical, dental, and prescription coverage is available for eligible veterans. Find a health facility or medical services near you.
  • Services for Women 
    Specialized medical and health services for veterans are available to address female health issues.
  • Sgt. John L. Levitow Healthcare Center 
    Find short-term and long-term options for patients with medical conditions requiring daily care.
Veterans with Disabilities
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Disability Benefits
You may qualify for VA disability benefits for physical conditions (like a chronic illness or injury) and mental health conditions (like PTSD) that developed before, during, or after service.
  • Disability Services 
    If you have a disability, we can help you fill out forms, get information, and get medical documentation to prove disability.
  • Mesothelioma 
    Veterans with mesothelioma can get free assistance with filing a Veterans Affairs (VA) claim or appeal.
  • Disabled Veterans Outreach 
    The Disabled Veterans Outreach Program helps disabled vets find employment.
Mental Health
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Resources for Veterans and Families
We help employers, family, and friends identify mental health conditions common to veterans. They can include post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression, and grief.
VA Mental Health Services
VA offers veterans many ways to access mental health care and resources, from in-person and telehealth appointments to smartphone apps.