Communities of Color

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Your Health Matters

Get access to the health care you need, regardless of who you are, where you live, or what language you speak. The state of Connecticut makes sure you can access everything you need, including guidance, care and treatment, and medicine.

Equal Access to Health

It’s clear there are gaps in hospitalizations, disease, health risk factors, and death rates in high-risk groups. These groups include minority populations, groups that have language barriers, and people experiencing homelessness. Together, we can do more to make Connecticut a healthier state for all residents.

Black Communities

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Health Insurance

Find affordable health care through CT's insurance marketplace that includes preventative care.

  • Diabetes 
    Learn how to lower your risk of diabetes, or better manage your diabetes care.
  • Sickle Cell Disease 
    Learn about the disease, its symptoms, and how to treat it.
  • Cancer Screening 
    Our community is at greater risk of complications from cancer. Especially for males. Get the life-saving preventative care you need.

Native Americans

Native Americans

Native American Health

Connecticut is home to five tribes and six reservations. Find health coverage and local health facilities for Native Americans.
  • Heart Disease 
    Our community often experiences high rates of coronary heart disease. Learn simple ways to manage your heart health.
  • Federal Benefits 
    The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) provides cash assistance to meet essential needs like food, clothing, shelter, and utilities.
  • Asthma 
    If your child has difficulty breathing, they may be exposed to asthma triggers. Learn more to help your child breathe easy.


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Health Care for Refugees and Immigrants

The Connecticut Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Refugee and Immigrant Health Program (RIHP) offers screenings and health services for newcomers to our state.

  • Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) 
    Connecticut’s Department of Social Services (DSS) can provide a monthly cash benefit (up to 12 months) for refugees, asylum-seekers, and special immigrant visa holders.
    Connecticut’s Department of Social Services (DSS) can provide medical assistance (up to 12 months) to refugees newly arriving to our state.
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement 
    Refugees face many health issues like infectious diseases and chronic illnesses. ORR has resources to help.


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Latin American Health

The Hispanic Health Council is a statewide, community-based organization focused on improving the health of Latinos and other diverse communities.
    At 2-1-1 you’ll find health and social well-being programs for Latin American youth.
    The Hispanic Clinic & CT Latino Behavioral Health System is a central place to find mental health services.
  • Health Insurance 
    Reduce the difficulties and confusion of finding the health insurance you need. Use these resources to help you understand your best options.

Social Inequalities in Health

Take a look at the differences in health between populations.