Disability Services
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Care for every body

Every person’s health needs are different. If you or a loved one has a disability, the state of Connecticut can help make sure your life is full of opportunity. We have resources to serve your many needs.

When Your Health Requires Extra Help 

Disabilities can be physical, emotional, or mental. Some begin at birth or a young age while others are a result of aging or injuries. We serve all residents. Get help with health care, find living options or housing, and more.

Access to Health Care
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Help With Care
We can help you fill out forms and get medical proof of your disability.
  • Qualify for Health Care 
    HUSKY Health offers coverage to eligible individuals with disabilities, including children, adults, and caregivers.
  • Med-Connect 
    Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities is a type of Medicaid. It is for employed people with disabilities.
  • Disability Determination 
    Find out how to qualify for cash help like Social Security programs.
Family Care
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Care Transitions
Find services from birth to early childhood and school years.
  • Health Insurance 
    HUSKY Plus offers extra coverage. It's for children with physical, developmental, or other conditions.
  • Family Medical Leave 
    The Family Medical Leave Act lets you apply to help to care for a family member.
  • Autism Care 
    Read about therapy and learning tools. Find transportation and independent living options.
Aging and Disabilities
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Services for People with Disabilities
According to the CDC, 2 in 5 people over 65 live with a disability. The state of Connecticut offers services to help with daily living.
Eligibility Process
Learn how to find disability benefits that meet your needs.